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Dark Source is committed to sharing its vision, knowledge and social-conscience through original creative content such as presentations, animations and workshops. Over the course of the last decade, Dark Source has produced various articles, whilst being the subject of many. As well as design quality, Dark Source promotes judicious use of light which is considerate of energy efficiency and light pollution. 



2018 Lysdag 2018/ The White Darkness - Oslo, Norway
2017 Darc Room/ The Nightwalker - London, UK
2017 Lights in Goa/ What & Who does it take to design lighting today? - Goa, India
2016 Lightfair International/ Enter Night - San Diego, US
2015 PLDC/ Light Years – A Journey with Light - Rome, Italy
2012 Light Symposium/ Lighting a Story - Wismar, Germany


Lectures + Workshops

2019 Wismar University/ Dynamic Lighting in Public Spaces - Wismar, Germany

2018 The Vessel/ Solar Power & Lighting Design - Abuko, Gambia
2017 Lights in Goa/ Communicating Light - Goa, India
2015 Brunel University/ Working with Light - London, UK
2014 Buskerud University/ Slemmestad Workshop - Oslo, Norway
2014 Anadolu University/ Light & Space - Eskisehir, Turkey

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