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The Vessel was a charity project developed in collaboration with Kori's Vessel UK and the Daughters of Africa Foundation, focused on training 30 local electricians in Gambia about lighting design and solar energy to increase their employment potential. Following the technical training, the project was finalised with the practical installation of the solar-based lighting scheme at a community library in Abuko. Due to the lack of electricity and economic circumstances, some children travel up to 6km to attend the library. The aim of the project was to improve their studying experience, whilst eliminating the power cuts and costs indefinitely. 

The lighting scheme consisted of pendant lights to provide task lighting, spotlights to create vertical emphasis and LED lanterns to allow flexibility. The hand-woven pendant shades were produced by a local artist in order to create a sense of character which is familiar to the local context and its users. Old-school kerosene lanterns found in a second-hand shop were retrofitted with LED lamps as the perfect criticism to burning kerosene.

Photos & Video: Ebru Edgeworth, Kerem Asfuroglu

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